The Code of Ethics and Business Conduct is an integral part of corporate governance at the 4iG Group. The Code was drafted with the intention to collect and systematically record the values, principles and ethical standards adopted and pursued by the 4iG Group, as well as the rules of conduct and behaviour expected of its employees.

Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery Policy

The 4iG Group expressly prohibits and is expressly against any form of corruption and is committed to developing and maintaining a corporate culture that is conducive to preventing corruption and detecting possible acts of corruption. The 4iG Group continuously strives to establish anti-corruption best practices in line with industry norms and standards and to train its employees accordingly.


The 4iG Group operates a whistleblowing system through which ethical issues related to the 4iG Group’s Code of Conduct are addressed. The system also allows any employee of the 4iG Group to report any behaviour that violates 4iG’s Code of Ethics. Based on such report, where appropriate, the Ethics Committee will investigate any non-compliances that may have arisen.

Supplier Qualification System

As part of its efforts to operate responsibly and in accordance with money laundering, anticorruption and other relevant legislation, 4iG Plc. is reviewing all of its existing and future contractual relationships in the framework of a supplier qualification process, in order to prevent potential noncompliances and to preserve its reputation. To this end, 4iG Plc. has established a Supplier Qualification System, in the context of which we invite our partners to participate in an annual Pre-Qualification process and a Project Qualification process applicable to certain projects.

The Pre-Qualification of a supplier or subcontractor is mandatory in all cases where the Company intends to enter into a new contract with a given supplier or subcontractor or to request a tender from a given potential supplier or subcontractor and the given (potential) supplier or subcontractor does not yet have a (valid) supplier qualification and is not exempted from pre-qualification. The supplier prequalification and the exemption from the supplier prequalification are valid for 1 year and must be revalidated annually.