The Code of Ethics and Business Conduct is an integral part of corporate governance at the 4iG Group. The Code was drafted with the intention to collect and systematically record the values, principles and ethical standards adopted and pursued by the 4iG Group, as well as the rules of conduct and behaviour expected of its employees.

The purpose of the Code is to prompt employees to fully comply with the rules of employment through its principles and instructions, to regulate the conduct of employees both within the company and in its external relations, and to assist in choosing the right conduct expected in a given situation.

All employees in the 4iG Group are required to know the Code of Ethics and to adhere to its principles.

By issuing this Code of Ethics, the 4iG Group demonstrates to the general public that it conducts its business in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations and that it intends to comply and ensure compliance with the ethical standards.

The 4iG Group’s Code of Conduct for Business Partners is an extract from the 4iG Group’s Code of Ethics and Business Conduct which contains the ethical standards that we consider particularly important in our business relationships and that we also expect our business partners to adhere to.

The primary purpose of the Rules of Procedure of the Ethics Committee is to define the responsibilities and powers of departments and employees involved in the processes that ensure the forms of conduct prescribed by the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct and define the rules of investigation procedures and the rules of operation for the Ethics Committee and the Compliance Officer.

Documents for download:

Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

Code of Ethics for Business Partners

The Rules of Procedure of the Ethics Committee